Superfighters Deluxe Beta 1.0.2c

Added 20 Dec 2017
-Prevented line breaks from being usable in the chat.
-The server system tray icon tooltip now displays the server name.
-Fixed a bug where multiple servers would show the same memory usage.
-Loading a malformed .sfdm file will no longer crash the game - instead an empty backup map will be used.
-Fixed a few crashes when trying to start and stop extension scripts from other extension scripts.
-Fixed a crash when trying to duplicate a group marker while editing a group.
-Other fixes and tweaks.

Superfighters Deluxe Beta 1.0.2b

Added 10 Dec 2017

*Fixed a bug where dialogues could get stuck when joining a game.
*Many other fixes and tweaks

Superfighters Deluxe Beta 1.0.2

Added 2 Dec 2017
* You will now be able to automatically choose all versus maps, all survival maps, and so on under Map Category.
* A server running a survival map will restart the map if all players leave the game.
* When a server auto-restarts it will retain its window state (system tray, etc.)
* Fixed a bug where the score would sometimes reset when changing between different maps saved with different versions of the game.
* Score is no longer reset when changing between "custom" and "versus" type maps. Score is only reset when changing from "survival" to "versus/custom" type maps and vice-versa.
* Fixed a bug where the server would sometimes display the text ID in the chat instead of the actual text.
* Fixed a bug where the background parts of elevators blocked explosions.
* Other fixes and tweaks.

Superfighters Deluxe Beta 1.0.1

Added 26 Nov 2017
*Survival Mode:
 -Difficulty now scales with number of players.
 -Difficulty escalates quicker.
 -Which zombie types spawn each wave is randomized.
 -Added more bosses, and bosses now spawn more frequently the longer you get.
 -At the start of each wave, one random weapon and one pill bottle spawns per player.
 -Weapons and items no longer despawn in Survival Mode.
 -Removed some cheeky exploits.
*Some AI improvements.
*Added "map categories", letting you create custom map rotations by creating subfolders in the Downloaded and Custom map folders.
*The /GIVE and /REMOVE commands are now visible in the chat.
*Fixed score not registering wins/losses properly in versus mode (since last update).
*Corrected several faulty keybinding prompts in the tutorial.
*Changed how player-player collision works (for optimization reasons).
*Added option for server software to automatically restart at a given time or when memory usage reaches a certain threshold.
*Fixed the "invisibility bug".
Map Editor
*Made it possible to debug scripts directly in visual studio. See forum post.
*Fixed a bug where early messages shown via Game.WriteToConsole() would be cleared.
*Game.GetWeaponSpawnChances(), Game.UpdateWeaponSpawnChances(), Game.GetRandomWeaponID() added to make it possible to read and update weapon spawn chances through scripts.
*Fixed a bug where scripts wouldn't properly read the "mapmodes:" header tag (introduced in the previously update), preventing scripts from working in survival maps.
*Other fixes and tweaks.

Superfighters Deluxe Beta 1.0

Added 27 Oct 2017
The Musical Beta Zombie Survival Update!
*New music by Splinter!
*New map: Zombie Nightmare!
 -Survive against endless zombie hordes.
 -Health and weapons are retained between waves.
 -Max players: 4.
 -Kill more zombies to get a higher Final Score!
*Game is still Free!
*New items: Vest, Vest (Black), Tattoos skin, Zombie skin (only available in map editor).
*Police Shirt and Police Hat can now be colored.
*Debris and giblets can no longer stun or knock players down.
*Trashbag and Trashcan Lid now deals proper thrown damage.
*Fixed a bug where duds couldn't be interacted with in certain cases.
*Your volume settings has been reset due to internal changes.
*Profile names can now be 2 characters in length (previously 3 was the minimum).
*New triggers: DoOnceTrigger, CheckAliveTrigger, ObjectElevatorAttachmentJointValueTrigger, ObjectRailAttachmentJointValueTrigger, ObjectRevoluteJointValueTrigger, ObjectConveyorBeltValueTrigger, AlternatingTrigger, OnPlayerDamageTrigger, CheckTeamAliveTrigger, FinishTrigger
*Individual SupplyCrates can now be customized in the editor.
*The DestroyTrigger can now either remove or destroy objects.
*PlayerSpawnTrigger now has a Name property (changes the spawned players's nametag).
*CameraAreaTriggers can now control whether the camera should snap into place when the trigger is activated.
*Added a debug window to be able to see all Game.WriteToConsole() calls from scripts while testing a map. Hotkey: F7.
*Scoreboard can now be shown in the editor while testing a map.
*Fixed a crash in the editor when trying to duplicate the GroupMarker while editing its group.
*NOTE: Survival mode, Bots, MusicTriggers and more will be made available in the map editor in future updates.
*Extension scripts can now be designed to work with specific map modes. By default all scripts only work for versus and custom modes. This is done in the header information using the "mapmodes:" tag. In the Script Editor, click the "Insert Header" button for an example.
*Added IPlayer.IsRocketRiding, IObjectPlayerSpawnTrigger.GetLastCreatedPlayer().
*Added event for player damage - see Events.PlayerDamageCallback for details.
*IObject[] Game.GetObjectsByName and IObject[] Game.GetObjectsByCustomID now returns a distinct result set.
*Fixed IPlayer.IsReloading not reporting back correct status.
*Corrected typos in the documentation.
*Individual SupplyCrates can now be customized via the ScriptAPI.
*Game.SetMapType() is obsolete and no longer changes the map type. 
*Game.AutoVictoryConditionEnabled added to control if specific map type auto victory condition rules should be applied or not.
*Fixed a bug where the server sometimes cleared out the initial selected map on startup.
*Other fixes and tweaks.