Superfighters Deluxe Alpha 1.2.1

Added 1 Mar 2017

Superfighters Deluxe Alpha 1.2.0b

Added 20 Feb 2017

Superfighters Deluxe Alpha 1.2.0

Added 18 Feb 2017

Map Editor:
  • Added Game.CreateDialogue(), Game.GetDialogues() to be able to manage dialogues.
  • Added IPlayer.AddCommandAction(), IPlayer.ClearCommandQueue(), IPlayer.PerformedCommandCount, IPlayer.CurrentCommandIndex and IPlayer.TotalCommandCount to be able to manage player commands.
  • IPlayer.RunToPosition() is obsolete (and will be removed in future versions) and replaced with player command 'MoveToPosition'.
  • IPlayer.SetBotType(), IPlayer.BotType is obsolete (and will be removed in future versions) and replaced with the new concept "BotBehavior" which will control how a bot will behave.
  • Added IPlayer.SetBotBehavior() and IPlayer.GetBotBehavior() to control how the AI should control the player (these are placeholder functions and can only activate the old BotType.TutorialA atm).
  • Added IPlayer.IsAIControlled property to get if the IPlayer is currently controlled by the AI.
  • Added IPlayerStatistics.TotalShotsFired, TotalItemsThrown, TotalPlayersThrown, TotalReloads, TotalEmptyGunsFireAttemts.
  • Added IObject.GetMaxHealth() to be able to read maximum health of an object.
  • Added OnShutdown() that's always run with signature "public void OnShutdown()" in scripts before a map restart or when a script is stopped. Store some final information to Game.Data if needed here.
  • AfterStartup() is now run for scripts started mid-game as well.
  • OnStartup() is now run before triggers that activate on startup. AfterStartup() is now run after triggers that activate on startup. OnShutdown() is run before a map restart or before a script is stopped.
  • Game.RunCommand() can now run any command from extension scripts.
  • Added User.Ping property to read current ping.
  • Added IPlayer.SetModifiers(), IPlayer.GetModifiers(), IPlayer.ClearModifiers() to be able to change modifiers for players.
  • Updated IPlayer.SetProfile(), IPlayer.GetProfile() to be able to change profile for players.
  • ObjectPlayerSpawnTriggers can now be fully changed via the ScriptAPI.
  • The OnPlayerDeathEvent can now bring players back to life by calling SetHealth with a value higher than 0.
  • Added IObjectOnDestroyTrigger.Reset() to reset the destroyed counter and "re-active" the trigger.
  • Added IObject.GetMaxHealth() and updated summary on IObject.SetMaxHealth(value).
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where thrown items going through portals would hit players located anywhere between the portals.
  • Fixed a bug where holding both direction keys while rocket riding caused the rocket on other clients to act crazy.
  • Fixed a bug in map "Pistons" where players sometimes wouldn't be gibbed properly in the machines.
  • Fixed a bug where you could select template maps with the /map command.
  • Fixed a bug where you could get knocked down by jumping over recently thrown players.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs related to the moderator list and ban list handling.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a little bit of energy to be drained while standing still when pressing toggle-sprint (default Shift).
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't whisper to people from the server software.
  • Fixed a bug where the camera would keep shaking after a map transition.
  • Fixed a bug where the player's name could be white in the scoreboard even when not logged in.
  • Other fixes and tweaks.


Superfighters Deluxe Alpha 1.1.1b

Added 18 Nov 2016

Superfighters Deluxe Alpha 1.1.1

Added 12 Nov 2016
Server Software