Superfighters Deluxe 1.1.1 is out!

Added 13 Feb 2019
* Decreased the .45 pistol's projectile damage (is now only slightly more powerful than the Pistol).
* Slightly increased the Carbine's projectile damage.
* The dark gray Pump-action shotgun has a new name: "Riot shotgun", and tweaked stats:
- It fires 2 extra projectiles and has wider spread. Each projectile does slightly less damage, but overall the damage output has increased.
- Ammo capacity decreased from 6 to 5.
- New blast sound effect.
* Decreased spread of the other Pump-action shotgun slightly.
* The Chainsaw now drains fuel as long as you have it drawn (20% of the fuel consumption while attacking). Also added a smoke effect while it's drawn and has fuel left.
* Restored the distance you punch/kick C4 as it got an unintentional boost after the introduction of the Strength boost.
* Fixed a bug where you could use the chainsaw while activating a Strength boost.
* Fixed a bug where you could use a Strength boost and pick up a slowmo and consume the slowmo as a Strength boost.
* Fixed a ledge grab problem in Operation Sunrise chapter 2.
* Slight music tweak.
* Other fixes and tweaks.

Superfighters Deluxe 1.1.0 is out!

Added 3 Feb 2019
- New campaign: Operation Sunrise.
- New sprite for the Pistol and Silenced pistol, new sound effect for the Pistol. Note: this is a cosmetic change only!
- New weapon: .45 pistol. Has the old (gray) pistol sprite and sound effect. Has slightly higher damage but slightly smaller magazine size than the regular pistol.
- New powerup: Strength boost. Increases melee damage for a few seconds. The effect also lets you survive with an HP below zero, but you die when the effect ends.
- Renamed the M60 to "Light machine gun" (cosmetic change only; still referred to as M60 in commands and ScriptAPI).
- Halved the spawn chances of Slo-mo powerups.
- Slightly lowered the spawn chance of Chainsaw.
- Added new command: "/KICK [X] [PLAYER]" to kick a player for X minutes (max 60 minutes).
- You can now create private games and use connect to IP when offline.
- Several new clothing items (currently NOT unlockable).
- Added option to ban users by IP only in the server software.
Map Editor:
- New tile: InvisibleExplosionBlocker. An invisible 4x4 pixels tile which blocks explosions but nothing else.
- New tile: DestroyNode. An invisible 4x4 pixels tile which is only destructible by explosions.
- Several new tiles.
- Several new music tracks by Splinter.
- Added property to read original GUID from a map. See IGame.MapOriginalGUID
- Added functions to handle strength boost for players. See IPlayer.IsStrengthBoostActive, IPlayer.GetStrengthBoostTime(), IPlayer.SetStrengthBoostTime(..), 
- Added functions to set different visual effects when a player is hit. See IPlayer.SetHitEffect(..), IPlayer.GetHitEffect()
- Added properties IUser.ConnectionIP, IUser.IsModerator.
- Added property to control if bots can use powerups (StrengthBoost). See BotBehaviorSet.PowerupUsage.
- Added functions to handle colors on objects. See IObject.GetColors(), IObject.GetColor1(), IObject.GetColor2(), IObject.GetColor3(), IObject.SetColors(..), IObject.SetColor1(..), IObject.SetColor2(..), IObject.SetColor3(..)
- Added functions to handle local storage (permanently store key-value pairs of data in your scripts). See IGame.SessionStorage, IGame.LocalStorage, IGame.GetSharedStorage(..)
- Added functions to send chat messages (to everyone or to individual users). See IGame.ShowChatMessage(..)
- Changed IPlayer.SetHealth(..). It will now be ignored if the player is already dead. Setting the health to 0 will automatically kill the player.
- Fixed a bug where one of the IGame.CreateObject() overloads did not apply the linear velocity as it should.
- Fixed a timing related bug where the game could freeze if you changed the weather through scripts using IGame.SetWeatherType(..)
Bug fixes:
- Fixed some known impersonation issues.
- Changes and improvements to the connect phase. The client and port forwarding will be set up once while browsing games and only be closed once you exit the browse game panel. Same change has been done with the connect to IP panel. This should make the automatic port forwarding more reliable over different types of routers as the port forwarding rules are not created and deleted for each connection attempt.
- Improved the loading sequence. The server will aggressively kick users that refuses to load a map (whatever the reason may be).
- Fixed a bug where the map editor save dialog would suggest to save new maps in the installation folder for the game instead of the user's documents folder for the game (copy-paste error). Launching this game after installing this update will automatically move any custom maps in the installation folder to the correct documents folder for the game. If the move fails (for whatever reason) the maps are still in the installation folder.
- Changed how the hit detection for thrown items against player works to make it more reliable when throwing items in the back of players running away.
- Disabled tunneling check for projectiles against a handful of large objects that the player can't collide against.
- Disabled tunneling check from the player's feet to the base of the weapon against gas cans and propane tanks so they can't be hit when overlapping the player's lower body in certain odd situations. Note that these objects can still be hit if you overlap them with your arm and weapon.
- Fixed a bug where the player wouldn't collide correctly with the world after surviving a rocket ride explosion (if any health modifiers are in use).
- Fixed a bug where you would always be gibbed if you stayed on a bazooka rocket long enough for it to explode, even if you had enough HP to survive the explosion (if any health modifiers are in use).
- Fixed a bug where toggling a script on/off wouldn't store the enabled state of the script properly, causing the script to not start or stop properly next game in certain cases.
- Fixed a bug where the server software would display the "Save Changes" and "Discard Changes" alternatives on automatic map changes.
- Other fixes and tweaks.

Superfighters Deluxe 1.0.4 is out!

Added 5 Jan 2019
We've implemented NAT punchthrough, meaning that port forwarding will no longer be required to host and join games.
This will make it easier to host and join public games but is not the solution for everyone's unique network situation. It's still required to port forward in certain cases depending on your network, for example if you're behind a restricted symmetric NAT. We also recommend that you set up port forwarding if you host a lot. Also, remember to allow Superfighters Deluxe through your firewall!
Patch notes:
* Added NAT Punchthrough
* Improved performance/speed when loading a map containing thousands of tiles.
* Ban comments now include which date the user was banned and by whom.
* A text "Second player" will be shown under the account name in the scoreboard if a user joins in with two local players (two players sharing the same computer).
* Other fixes and tweaks.

Superfighters Deluxe 1.0.3 is out!

Added 22 Dec 2018
* Ready votes only requires a majority of the votes now in order to pass (not all of them like before).
* Account ID is now displayed in the server software in the chat view and game user view.
* Changed how scripts are found when using the /startscript and /stopscript commands.
It's now possible to type in a part of the script's name and it will still be found.
For example "/startscript test" will first find a script named "test". Secondly it will try to find a script containing "test" in its name. Only applies to names with 3 or more characters in the script's name.
* Added a separate "/reloadscripts" command to reload new scripts from disk (in case you add new scripts while running the game). Before the "/startscript" command would reload scripts automatically in case no script was found - which could cause minor freezes.
* Added option to toggle server movement when hosting in the host game settings.
* Fixed a crash when a trigger was activated and removed at the same time in maps.
* Fixed a bug where you could grab makeshift weapons to cancel throwing a primed throwables explosives, mines and molotovs.
* Fixed a bug with drop-in-move "Replace Bots, Open Slots" where some bots wouldn't be managed properly when a player left the game, causing the bot to enter the game in certain cases.
* Fixed a bug in the language tool preventing it from starting for certain windows users.
* Other fixes and tweaks.

Superfighters Deluxe Beta 1.0.2c

Added 20 Dec 2017
-Prevented line breaks from being usable in the chat.
-The server system tray icon tooltip now displays the server name.
-Fixed a bug where multiple servers would show the same memory usage.
-Loading a malformed .sfdm file will no longer crash the game - instead an empty backup map will be used.
-Fixed a few crashes when trying to start and stop extension scripts from other extension scripts.
-Fixed a crash when trying to duplicate a group marker while editing a group.
-Other fixes and tweaks.