Superfighters Deluxe 1.2.0c is out!

Added 13 Apr 2019
* Ignition value on Incendiary ammo has been reduced for fast-shooting weapons; it now takes a few shots before reaching max fire level. Slower weapons like Magnum and Sniper rifle still ignite to maximum fire level directly.
* Slightly reduced Incendiary ammo spawn rate and slightly increased Bouncing ammo spawn rate.
* Bouncing projectiles now go 25% slower after the first bounce.
* Adjusted the amount of extra ammo you get for certain weapons when grabbing Bouncing ammo or Incendiary ammo.
* Shurikens now go through portals like any other thrown item.
* Shuriken is now thrown more horizontally so it's easier to hit an enemy standing in front of you.
* Fixed a bug where dodged projectiles couldn't hit you after getting deflected or bouncing around.
* Bow arrows no longer destroy grenades or mines.
* Fixed a bug where thrown items wouldn't always properly hit players in specific circumstances.
* Fixed faulty key code in gameplay tip #37.

Superfighters Deluxe 1.2.0b is out!

Added 3 Apr 2019
* Bows now spawn from primary weapon crates rather than handgun weapon crates.
* Fixed a bug where ammo stashes were emptying the bow's ammo instead of refilling it.
* Fixed a bug introduced with bouncing bullets that caused melee weapons to no longer deflect incoming projectiles as intended.
* Fixed a bug where your melee attacks didn't work as intended after attacking with the chainsaw and and sheathing it in mid-air.

Superfighters Deluxe 1.2.0 is out!

Added 1 Apr 2019
* New weapons: Bow, Shuriken, Whip.
* New powerups: Speed Boost, Bouncing Ammo, Incendiary  Ammo.
* New challenges: Canals Manhunt, Dove Hunt, Bear Pits Boogaloo, Bouncy Ballistricks, Undercover.
* New items: Hood, Pith Helmet.
* Tweaks on path grids in Helipad and Pistons.
* Optimized map loading sequences when playing online games and improved drop-in loading times.
* Fixed a few initialize problems after map loading in certain rare cases for weld joints and revolute joints causing the game to sometimes freeze.
* Tweaks to the helicopter in Helipad.
* Tweaks to the helicopter in the finale in Prime Time in Sunny City.
* Other fixes and tweaks.
Map Editor:
* Fixed a bug where you could edit properties for deleted tiles, causing a crash.
* Fixed a rare crash in the map editor.
* Fixed a bug where the time limit for challenges wouldn't reset properly when changing maps.
* Fixed a bug where enabled scripts could be disabled if opening and closing the map editor.
* Added InvisibleTileObjectsOnly, which lets through projectiles, fire and explosions.
Script API:
* Added IPlayer.IsSpeedBoostActive, IPlayer.GetSpeedBoostTime(), IPlayer.SetSpeedBoostTime(...) to be able to control the speed boost effect.
* Updated IGame.SpawnProjectile(..) with optional parameter for projectile powerup type (None/Bouncing/Fire).
* IObject.SetMass(...) only accepts positive values now.
* IObject.SetStickyFeet(..), IObject.SetMass(..), IObject.SetCollisionFilter(..), IObject.SetColor(..), IObject.SetWorldPosition(..) are now correctly synced for drop-in players.

Superfighters Deluxe 1.1.2 is out!

Added 2 Mar 2019
* Two new VS maps: Castle Courtyard, Helipad.
* Assault rifle changes:
- It now fires in bursts of 3 with a cooldown inbetween.
- As with semi-automatic weapons, tapping the button instead of holding it down results in a shorter cooldown.
- Ammo capacity changed to 24.
* Unlocking a new customization item now tells you which equipment slot it belongs to.
* Added Helicopter ambient sound (used in Helipad and Prime Time in Sunny City).
* The "MetalHatch" tiles now break when a player staggers into them.
* StrengthBoost's "extra health" is now restored if you manage to heal yourself during the StrengthBoost effect.
* Fixed a bug where certain disabled states could be bypassed if a melee stun effect wore off while being grabbed, allowing the chainsaw to be used while being grabbed (this was extra noticeable when being stunned by the shock-baton and then grabbed during the stun effect).
* Fixed a bug with the chainsaw and infinite ammo.
* Fixed tutorial text input prompts to update if you changed input device (from keyboard to controller).
* Fixed a problem where projectiles could clip through obstacles in some situations.
* Other fixes and tweaks.
Map Editor
* Added ProjectileDeflectZone (deflects incoming projectiles in random directions).
* Increased health of StoneWeak00A, B and C
* The search function now includes partially matching object names.
* Added IPlayer.IsBoostHealthActive and IPlayer.GetBoostHealth to be able to read health values from the boost health during the strength boost effect and rocket riding.
* Added constant float values MathHelper.PI, MathHelper.PIOver2, MathHelper.PIOver4, MathHelper.PIOver8, MathHelper.TwoPI
* IObject.SetCollisionFilter(...) CollisionFilter added properties BlockFire and BlockExplosions.
* Added IPlayer.IsBurnedCorpse to see if the corpse is burned.
* Added IPlayer.IsBurningInferno to see if a player is a burning inferno (burning rank 2).
* Added IGame.AutoScoreConditionEnabled property that can be set to false to disable automatic score increase.
* Added IUser.IncreaseScore() function to mark that the user should increase its score when the game is over.
* Game.CreateObject will now place objects in the top-most layer in the map to the draw category the tile belongs to.
* Game.SetGameOver(...) can now be used afterwards to update the victory text.
* Added Game.GetObjects<T>() to get all objects in the game by a specific type.
* Fixed a bug with IPlayer.GetAABB() returning wrong data.
* Fixed a bug where Game.AutoVictoryConditionEnabled could not be set to false.
* Fixed a bug with IObject.SetCollisionFilter being reset if calling IObject.SetSizeFactor.
* Other fixes and tweaks.

Superfighters Deluxe 1.1.1 is out!

Added 13 Feb 2019
* Decreased the .45 pistol's projectile damage (is now only slightly more powerful than the Pistol).
* Slightly increased the Carbine's projectile damage.
* The dark gray Pump-action shotgun has a new name: "Riot shotgun", and tweaked stats:
- It fires 2 extra projectiles and has wider spread. Each projectile does slightly less damage, but overall the damage output has increased.
- Ammo capacity decreased from 6 to 5.
- New blast sound effect.
* Decreased spread of the other Pump-action shotgun slightly.
* The Chainsaw now drains fuel as long as you have it drawn (20% of the fuel consumption while attacking). Also added a smoke effect while it's drawn and has fuel left.
* Restored the distance you punch/kick C4 as it got an unintentional boost after the introduction of the Strength boost.
* Fixed a bug where you could use the chainsaw while activating a Strength boost.
* Fixed a bug where you could use a Strength boost and pick up a slowmo and consume the slowmo as a Strength boost.
* Fixed a ledge grab problem in Operation Sunrise chapter 2.
* Slight music tweak.
* Other fixes and tweaks.