New forum!

Posted on 19/03/2016
We invite you to check out the new and improved MythoLogic Interactive forum at
You'll have to register a new account. The old forum will be usable for a couple of weeks, after that we'll lock posting. Let us or the moderators know if you experience any trouble transitioning.

Superfighters Deluxe Pre-alpha 1.8.8

Posted on 06/03/2016
  • Added a host option for max ping. Players with too high ping will be auto-kicked.
  • Added a host option for max idle time. Players who stand idle for too long will be auto-kicked.
  • It's no longer possible to go through walls while ledge-grabbing on a moving object.
  • One-handed melee weapons no longer block faster than other weapons.
  • Reverted some experimental code in the previous version that could cause elevator attachment joints to break in custom maps.
  • Added server performance gauge to the lower-right corner (only visible when showing the scoreboard). Servers with Great or Excellent performance are preferrable or you may start to experience lag and/or teleporting.
  • File cabinets are now crushable.
  • Other fixes and tweaks.
Map Editor
  • Fixed a bug in the map editor causing objects inside groups to scramble around when entering group edit while moving around objects.

Superfighters Deluxe Pre-alpha 1.8.7

Posted on 21/02/2016
  • If you were knocked down but did not take fall damage, you can perform a roll to get to your feet. You cannot abort this roll by jumping.
  • A jumpkick performed against a rolling player will now cause a stagger instead of a knockdown.
  • Improved the chat window with new colors and team icons.
  • Added a gray team icon for Independent players.
  • Bullets hit with melee weapons are now deflected more accurately towards the shooter (a 10 degrees cone rather than 30).
  • Slightly decreased the Tommygun damage and spawn chance.
  • Other fixes and tweaks.
  • Fixed a bug causing IObject.SetSizeFactor() to not work.

Superfighters Deluxe Pre-alpha 1.8.6

Posted on 07/02/2016
  • Fixed a crash in the customize panel.
  • Fixed cases where you could ledge grab elevator floors through the elevator walls.
  • The kick command now prevents that IP from joining again the next 2 minutes.
  • Added anti-spam filter in chat, limiting the number of messages you can send in a short time.
  • Tweaked the Tommygun stats to differentiate it from the SMG: more damage per projectile, bigger magazine, lower fire rate, lower accuracy and lower spawn chance. Also changed the sound it makes when fired.
  • New tiles: WaterZone and AcidZone, which currently just play a splash effect when a player or projectile enters.
  • Made startup and victory messages bigger and changed the font slightly.
  • Improved several maps visually and in terms of object spawn variation.
  •  Other fixes and tweaks.
Map Editor
  • Flipping tiles in the map editor now works as intended.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the map editor to crash when copying objects between maps.
  • Other fixes and tweaks.
  • OnStartup now runs BEFORE ActivateOnStartup triggers are activated.

Superfighters Deluxe Pre-alpha 1.8.5c

Posted on 02/01/2016
  • Player names must now contain at least three alphanumeric characters in a row.
  • Improved loading times for players with high latency.
  • Other tweaks and fixes.
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