Superfighters Deluxe Pre-alpha 1.8.0b

Posted on 31/08/2015
  • The scoreboard now shows the right map type (official/custom).
  • Fixed a bug where a loss didn't count if you were gibbed.
  • Minor adjustments

Superfighters Deluxe Pre-alpha 1.8.0

Posted on 29/08/2015

The Esc Menu Update!

  • Added a basic in-game menu (press Esc by default) and scoreboard (Tab by default). Work in progress!
  • Increased the variety of randomly spawned objects in all official maps.
  • Changed the timer at the end of rounds from 30 to 10 seconds.
  • Increased the damage of the Broken Cuestick weapon (it now does more damage than punching! :) )
  • Added key bindings for most keys.
  • Localized some more texts.
  • Fixed a bug where silenced weapons would spawn in the tutorial.
  • Live grenades will now be dropped correctly when the person holding them burns to death.
  • Other tweaks and fixes.
Map Editor
  • Fixed a bug causing SpawnObjectTrigger to not work more than once.

Status update

Posted on 20/08/2015

Time for a new status update to prepare you for some upcoming changes to the game!

The Next Big Things on our list are an account system and dedicated server support. We want to implement them in that order so that someone hosting a dedicated server has more options (such as reserving a spot for themselves or banning specific players by their account names).
With servers up and running 24/7, we need to make some changes and additions to our menus, which will be the focus of the next few updates.
The lobby as you know it will be removed. Instead the host will be able to open and close player slots and change game settings while the game is in progress. This will be handled via a combined escape-menu and scoreboard. There will still be a lobby, but we want to make it an actual level where players can run around while they wait. Of course, fighting in the lobby will be strictly forbidden (wink wink).
Regular players will be able to call votes about kicking a player, changing map or game mode, etc. The host decides what sort of votes are permitted, if any.
New map rotation options will be added. With the default settings, voting for the next map will start automatically.
There's a lot to do, so these changes will be made over several updates. First up will be the escape menu and scoreboard. Additionally, I have gone through most of the maps and added so-called spawn clusters, which spawns hand-crafted groups of objects randomly on the map. This adds a ton more variety to each map, not least because Ricky T Fine Bamboo Scaffolds™ can now be found in new places, opening up new unsteady paths to victory.

Superfighters Deluxe Pre-alpha 1.7.6c

Posted on 12/08/2015

The Tiny update!

  • Fixed a bug related to joints when spawning a Group multiple times

Superfighters Deluxe Pre-alpha 1.7.6b

Posted on 09/08/2015
  • Added team icons to player nameplates.
  • Fixed a common crash in the game browser panel.
  • Your name and team will now be shown while rocket-riding.
  • Fixed a bug where wooden ladders blocked fire and explosions.
  • Bazooka and grenade launcher projectiles will not explode on impact with weak pulleys (Pulley00Weak).
  • Two new loading tips.
  • Other minor tweaks and fixes.


  • Added IObjectPortal. Portals can now be created through script.
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