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Superfighters Deluxe Pre-alpha 1.4.2b

Posted 17-06-2014 19:02:49

  • Raised player fall damage threshold.
  • Fixed a bug where equipped grenades were dropped after a medium-long fall (armed grenades will be dropped however).

Superfighters Deluxe Pre-alpha 1.4.2

Posted 16-06-2014 21:14:37

  • New-ish map: Hotel.
  • Added a "crouched" landing animation for medium-long falls. Longer falls will cause fall damage and knock you down like before.
  • Effectively increased the cooldown of jump-attacks.
  • Revamped the fall damage calculations. Fall damage is higher overall.
  • Players can now bounce when hitting surfaces at the right speed and angle.
  • Players moving at high speeds can now knock into each other, causing damage and knockdown.
  • Jump attacks no longer slow down your fall.
  • Background colors tweaked.
  • Rain effect tweaked.
  • Added some new tiles and sounds.
  • Added tile "SubwayTrain00" to replace the current train on the Subway map. Having one big tile is more efficient many small ones and should improve performance a lot.
  • Fixed a bug in the Script API related to IPlayer.SetTeam, IPlayer.SetProfile and IPlayer.SetUser.
  • Various tweaks and bug fixes.

Status update

Posted 28-05-2014 20:50:44

Version 1.4.2 will introduce a new mechanic. When you land after a medium-long fall, you will stay in a crouched pose for a moment, unable to move while your character regains balance. Longer falls will cause fall damage and knock you down like before.

More importantly, the crouch will happen after you do jump attacks, especially the jump kick. Thus, spamming jump kicks and shotgun blasts to stunlock an opponent won't work since the target of your kick will be back on his feet before you can fire. It works nicely, as you will see.

Also, fall damage will be boosted significantly, so you might want to practice not falling off buildings.

On the content side, we're almost done remaking a popular map from before. We'll probably release this update sometime next week.

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