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Superfighters Deluxe update

Posted 02-04-2014 21:37:24

Pre-alpha version 1.4.0 is coming along nicely. The biggest addition is of course the scripting possibilities in the map editor. The new maps (of which it seems there will be four) will use scripting to varying degrees. There are button-controlled elevators and the Subway map has a train that crushes everything in its path. Dynamic hazards like that is something we look forward to making more of. In the finished game, I would like every map to have some sort of unique gimmick.

If you know a bit of C# programming, you can use scripting in your own maps and make far more complex things than we have so far. The map-making possibilities have grown enormously and will continue to grow as we expand the script API.

We are also working on a simple tutorial to teach new players the basics. We realize that jumping into a game full of SF veterans is not the most forgiving learning experience, so a basic tutorial is in order.

Fine, you say, but when can I get my hands on it? We don't know, but late April is my best guess.

Superfighters Deluxe Pre-alpha 1.3.1d

Posted 20-01-2014 19:44:38

  • Changed the game update to use fixed timesteps instead of varying.
  • If the game lags behind it will try to skip frames in order to catch-up instead of freezing.
  • Removed the "CPU Smoothness" setting.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Superfighters Deluxe Pre-alpha 1.3.1c

Posted 15-01-2014 20:42:13

  • You can now leave the game while waiting for other players to load.
  • Staggering will stop when you hit a wall.
  • You can now ledge-grab after doing a jump kick.
  • You can no longer ledge-grab while cooking a grenade.
  • Added Vertical Sync option (VSYNC On/Off).

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