Superfighters Deluxe video series

Posted on 15/11/2015

In case you didn't know, Gurt has been posting these "random gameplay" videos on his YouTube channel for a long time. They go back to really old versions of the game too! We should probably make more of these as I feel that video is the best way to promote the game and communicate how dynamic and unique it is.

Superfighters Deluxe Pre-alpha 1.8.4

Posted on 01/11/2015

The Democracy update (part 1)

  • When map rotation is active, there will be a vote to decide what the next map will be.
  • New map: Tower.
  • New weapon: Mines.
  • Metal railings and hatches now break when you dive into them.
  • The sudden death time out will no longer detonate dead players.
  • If you pick up a melee weapon you already have, the one with the highest durability is chosen.
  • Disconnection messages now tell you if you were kicked or banned.
  • Minor fixes and tweaks.

Superfighters Deluxe Pre-alpha 1.8.3b

Posted on 16/10/2015
  • Fixed various small problems related to the previous update.

Superfighters Deluxe Pre-alpha 1.8.3

Posted on 11/10/2015
  • New Host Game options: Time Limit Active, Time Limit, Sudden Death.
  • Added a timer to show the remaining time in-game.
  • Added tooltips to certain menu items.
  • New weapon: Baton.
  • Fixed a bunch of memory leaks.
  • Fixed a bug where some settings wouldn't save.
  • Fixed a rare bug causing the game to crash.
  • Fixed a rare bug causing the game to freeze on custom made maps.
  • Other tweaks and fixes.

Superfighters Deluxe Pre-alpha 1.8.2c

Posted on 23/09/2015
  • The Host Game menu now has Shuffle Teams options.
  • Increased the speed threshold for when impact effects are played.
  • Minor fiddlin' and tweakin'.
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