Superfighters is all about little men shooting, stabbing, mashing, smashing, burning and blowing each other into tiny bits... and then doing it all over again!

This started as a cute local 2-player game we made to amuse ourselves in high school. We finished it in 2011 and put it on Newgrounds where it gained a bit of a cult following. It proved that our concept of a chaotic, emergent 2D action platformer really worked in practice, so we soon began work on the sequel.



NOTE: Since the controls can be tricky at first, it is strongly recommended that you go through all the steps of the in-game tutorial!

Default Controls

Player 1 Player 2
Up Up W
Left Left A
Down Down S
Right Right D
Melee N 1
Shoot M 2
Grenade , 3
Powerup . 4

Press Esc to return to the menu. F12 or Alt + Enter to enter fullscreen (only in the downloadable .exe version)

NOTE: Some keyboards will cause problems in two-player mode due to the limited number of keys that can be pressed at once. This is known as keyboard ghosting. Try remapping the controls in the Setup menu, and use the numpad for one player if possible.


The goal is simple: kill your opponents before they kill you. Characters’ titles are written in their team colors; Team 1 is blue, Team 2 red, Team 3 yellow and Team 4 green. White text means a character is Independent and belongs to no team.

In Stage Mode, you will gradually meet more powerful enemies. Finishing all stages on normal difficulty unlocks a secret player skin.


  • Taking cover is smart – any chest-high obstacle will do. Remember that while using an object as cover, you can shoot and throw grenades through that object.
  • Sometimes the best defense is a good offense. Going into melee range will prevent your opponent from shooting you, and may disarm him if he tries.
  • The bullet time power-up is especially useful in melee, since it makes you faster than your opponents.
  • When on fire, roll on the ground to put yourself out. Just like in real life.