Superfighters Deluxe

The premier online bazooka rocket riding simulator.

Superfighters Deluxe is a multiplayer 2D action game where little flat-headed men fight to the death in small and highly destructible arenas. Surviving each round takes skill, strategy and luck.


  • Battle up to 7 other players online!
  • A brutal mix of brawling, shooting and platforming!
  • Extremely dynamic gameplay where no outcome is certain and hilarious accidents happen frequently!
  • Lots of different guns, melee weapons, powerups and explosives!
  • Customize the look of your fighter with various clothing items!
  • Map editor included - create your own maps and share them online!


Skull Note that this is a pre-alpha and not representative of the final game. The game is in continuous development with new updates being released every few months.
Skull IMPORTANT! The game's launcher will automatically download new updates, but this requires the game to run with administrator privileges. Before running the game, right-click the game's shortcut, then click Properties and under the Compatibility tab check "Run this program as an administrator".



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