Superfighters Deluxe

Superfighters Deluxe is a full-on sequel to Superfighters and adds some of the most desired features like online multiplayer, improved melee combat and more character customization. Note that this is a pre-alpha version and contains only the most basic gameplay.

This is just the beginning. We have tons of exciting features lined up for this game. We release new updates continuously and will soon be in alpha!

Note: The game will automatically check for updates and install them via the launcher, but it requires the game to run with Administrator privileges. Right click on the Superfighters Deluxe shortcut -> Properties -> The Compatibility tab -> Run this program as administrator.


Default Controls

Pick up itemF
Change Weapons/Use Powerup1-5
Sheathe WeaponQ
Drop WeaponG

Gameplay Tips

  • You can shoot while running and jumping, but shooting from the hip will only get you so far. To be truly successful, you must learn how to aim. When a ranged weapon is drawn, holding the D key will put you in manual aim mode. Adjust your aim with the Up and Down keys and press A to fire.
  • Blocking is now a vital part of close combat. With your fists or a melee weapon drawn, press D to block an enemy's attack.
  • Press Down while moving to roll on the ground. While rolling, bullets are less likely to hit you.
  • Press Down while sprinting to dive. While diving through the air, bullets are less likely to hit you, and diving into enemies is a nice way to throw them off balance.
  • Taking cover is smart. You can take cover behind a chest-high obstacle by moving close to it and pressing that direction key again. Remember that while using an object as cover, you can shoot through that object.
  • When riding a bazooka rocket (as the result of a direct hit) you have a chance to steer yourself towards an opponent using the Left and Right keys.